Life is flying but in this concrete and iron world , where is the SKY, where is that Sondhi Sondhi Mitti ki Khushboo, wo hare dhaniye ki chatni aur Sarso / Paalak ke saag ki khushboo.
We all want to come out from material world and looking for a place where vegetables cook on EARTHEN CHULHA , taste of pure green veggies and fruits, humming and singing breeze, chirping birds and tingling chillies on your tongue.

Where we can spare a few minutes for our soul, sitting on a cot and smell the mix fragrance of trees, flowers and pious pure food mix with love.
Where is the place – Free from pollution and stress ? Far away in the middle of vast valley, surrounded with layer of mountains , where one can hear some folk songs like heavenly poems pouring elixir in ears. Simplicity of Devbhoomi people , their love bonding and their heart to heart relationship touches the souls.

Don’t wait , wake up and spread your wings to get all this at one and only place - C.T.Adventure Camp, where you can enjoy nature, rural life and as well as wood oven truly Italizan pizzas too in the flavours of Veggies, chicken and dessert pizzas made with fruits, wine and honey.

- Meet with real people with real smile

- Live their life and rejuvenate your souls

- Exposure to organic farming experience

- Nature Walks

- Enjoy their culture and heritage

- Spend time with Mother Nature,

- Bird Watching

- Photography

- Satisfy your taste buds with local cuisine

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